Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Significantly Less than Dry

Back in Boulder. Have been for two weeks.
By now, everyone knows the trauma of my last week in Tennessee, so I don't need to explain the flood, but I will say, it was very wet.

Leaving Olive Hill was not exactly what I wanted to do, but spending two months there was a really great way to learn about specific practices involved with organic farming. All the peppers I planted with Burt the first week I got there were in the middle of the flood, but during the last couple days of my time in Tennessee, we propped them up with hay. That life cycle was one of the most practical farming lessons I learned during my stay. You never know what nature is going to do, and it is so powerful, but that is all a part of growing plants.

Other than the plants, I really miss everyone I met in Memphis, and in the Olive Hill community. Even though it was hard to be so far away from Boulder, I didn't feel lonely at the farm, even when I was there alone. There is something about those hills that is very comforting, and everything there feels so natural and beautiful. The dogs, the music studio, the family, the neighbors, and the living plants provide such a fulfilling energy that is very inspiring, and I hope some of my Boulder people can come with me to visit it sometime!

So, anyway, that was a great summery (hot, humid, buggy) experience I feel as though it was the best way I could have spent those two months this year. Gotta get ready for tomorrow's work at Oxford Farm! A full day of harvesting awaits!!!

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